Sentence example with the word 'supererogatory'


de trop, excess, expletive, in excess, nonessential, prolix, spare, supernumerary, tautologous, unasked, unessential, unneeded, wanton

Definition adj. more than is needed

Last update: September 30, 2015


The reality of this tendency, particularly at Rome, betrays itself in Hermas, who teaches the supererogatory merit of alms gained by the selfdenial of fasting (Sim.   [Please select]


What supererogatory marks of special hospitality did the host show his guest.   [Please select]


Without assuming the supererogatory task of entering into a discussion of the comparative merits of national courtesy, Duncan cheerfully assented to supply the place of the veteran in the approaching interview.   [Please select]


What had become of this dope, and whether it was still available for Rose in case she were animated by a purely supererogatory desire to study it, the girl didn't know.   [Please select]


Admiring disciples told me how he lived in a single room of a workman's cottage on fifteen shillings a week with a supererogatory fast thrown in on any colourable pretext.   [Please select]

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