Sentence example with the word 'temporals'


Last update: June 30, 2015


Both have 1-1 preoculars, 1-1 postoculars, 1-2 temporals, 6-6 upper labials, and 5-5 lower labials.   [Please select]


Both are males, and they have 175 and 180 ventrals, 88 and 89 caudals, 1 preocular, 2 postoculars, 1-2-3 temporals, 7 and 8 upper labials, 9 lower labials.   [Please select]


In both specimens the tip of the snout is yellow; a broad yellow band on the parietals and temporals is bordered posteriorly by a black band on the nape.   [Please select]

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temporally - temporals - temporarily