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acoustics, barodynamics, chemical physics, electron physics, geophysics, macrophysics, microphysics, optics, physicochemistry, pyrotechnics, solid-state physics, thermotics

Definition n. the branch of physics concerned with the conversion of different forms of energy

Last update: June 16, 2015


He is learning thermodynamics in physics.   [noun]


On the theoretical side the greatest stimulus came from the publication in 1847, without knowledge of Mayer or Joule, of Helmholtz's great memoir, Ober die Erhaltung der Kraft, followed immediately (1848-1852) by the establishment of the science of thermodynamics, mainly by R.   [Please select]


Respiration may be studied as a case of aerodynamics, the circulation of the blood as a case of hydrodynamics, and the heat given off in the course of work done by the body as a case of thermodynamics.   [Please select]


After this we shall for the first time present evidence to show that this story is curiously related to that of the _Perpetuum Mobile_, one of the great chimeras of science, that came from its medieval origin to play an important part in more recent developments of energetics and the foundations of thermodynamics.   [Please select]


One day he was asked by the chief engineer of the concern to journey to New York, and read a paper before his engineering society at one of the regular annual meetings, on the subject of thermodynamics in its relation to the company's own product--the turbine.   [Please select]

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