Sentence example with the word 'vascular'


Definition adj. of or relating to or having vessels that conduct and circulate fluids

Last update: October 6, 2015


The biologist showed the vascular tissue to the students.   [Please select]


Sometimes a complete internal vascular cylinder, having the same structure as the primary one, and concentric with it, occurs in the pith, and others may appear, internal to the first (Matonia, Saccoloma).   [Please select]


They possess a mouth, stomach, and muscles, but the nervous, vascular, and respiratory systems do not make their appearance until later.   [Please select]


The dots on the leaf-scar are the ends of woody bundles (fibro-vascular bundles) which, in autumn, separated from the leaf.   [Please select]


--_Specimens_, 8: Cocoa Research Station: [Female] vascular brood patch, oviduct enlarged with one possible collapsed follicle, 7.   [Please select]


They grow by preference in connective tissue and are quite vascular.   [Please select]


The dermis, or true skin, is vascular and highly sensitive, containing the tactile ends of the nerves of touch.   [Please select]

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