Sentence example with the word 'venire'


blue-ribbon jury, citation, garnishment, habeas corpus, impanelment, jury, jury of inquest, jury panel, monition, petit jury, sessions, subpoena, trial jury, venire facias

Definition n. (law) a group of people summoned for jury service

Last update: June 29, 2015


" ' Ac proinde si quaeratur quid fiet, si Deus auferat omne corpus quod in aliquo vase continetur, et nullum aliud in ablati locum venire permittat?   [Please select]


29] venire a trovarlo, ma che non avevano ardito di entrar nel castello, perchè sapevano che c'era il Re.'   [Please select]


Mentre le vestiva e le pettinava, esse le dicevano: --Di', Cenerentola, avresti caro di venire al ballo.'   [Please select]


Otto Venire, the master of Rubens, held most important employments.   [Please select]


A second panel was then summoned which was even more unpromising in its make-up, and Burr's counsel began hinting that the trial would have to be quashed, when Burr himself arose and offered to select eight out of the whole venire to add to the four previously chosen.   [Please select]

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