Sentence example with the word 'vociferate'


bellow out, call out, clamor, cry, cry out, holler, holler out, hollo, make an outcry, make an uproar, outcry, pipe up, raise a clamor, shout, shout out, shrill, sing out, yell, yell out

Definition v. utter in a very loud voice

Last update: August 10, 2015


The girl vociferates when left alone.   [Please select]


Whereafter the decorum of the occasion was shattered by Tim, who, at the imminent risk of scalding himself, gulped his refreshment and vociferated his satisfaction.   [Please select]


The mob, very excited, vociferated, surging back and forth, though they did not rush, because as yet they had no leaders.   [Please select]


"On stage," vociferated Monsieur Gerardy, perspiring from his exertions with the furniture.   [Please select]


"How dare you," he vociferated, "break in upon the deliberations of this court."   [Please select]


"Youall want that Spanish Treasure Chest, but you won't get it," savagely vociferated Lopez.   [Please select]


"Yes, he'll come aboard," vociferated the mate in a coarse voice.'   [Please select]

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vocative - vociferate - vociferated