Sentence example with the word 'zestful'


active, bracing, crispy, exuberant, gamesome, intense, peppery, refreshing, snappy, take-charge, with a kick

Definition adj. marked by spirited enjoyment

Last update: February 10, 2018


I like her zestful way of doing her work.   [Please select]


Jefferson grasped the other's thin arm, and said, with zestful energy, "Let her have 'em, David, let her have 'em."   [Please select]


His interest in her was merely a part of his intense, zestful interest in life.   [Please select]


Cool, odorous with pines and with the breath of the mountains, it was like a zestful draught of iced summer.   [Please select]


So it will be seen that there were zestful moments in these sundry vindications of the principles of Democracy in the prairie capital.   [Please select]

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