Definition of word 'gad'

  • n. an anxiety disorder characterized by chronic free-floating anxiety and such symptoms as tension or sweating or trembling or lightheadedness or irritability etc that has lasted for more than six months
  • n. a sharp prod fixed to a rider's heel and used to urge a horse onward
  • v. wander aimlessly in search of pleasure

Synonyms of the word 'gad'

  • generalized anxiety disorder
  • GAD
  • anxiety reaction
  • spur
  • gallivant
  • jazz around

Words with two extra letters in addition to the word 'gad'

List of words that you can form using two extra letters in addition to letters from the word 'gad'
Extra Letters Word Scrabble® Points
ez gaezd 16
cy cadgy 12
ef eadgf 10
uy gaudy 10
ly glady 10
ew eagwd 10
be badge 9
ce cadge 9
ce caged 9
mo dmgoa 9
em gaemd 9
ep gaepd 9
ep eagpd 9
op oagpd 9
ag dagga 8
di gadii 8
di gadid 8
eg eaged 8
ae adege 7
il aigld 7
os dagos 7
ns dangs 7
es degas 7
no dnoga 7
rs drags 7
es egads 7
is gadis 7
et gaetd 7
su gasdu 7
el geadl 7
ls glads 7
ln gland 7
os goads 7
no gnoad 7
er geadr 7
rs grads 7
nr gnard 7
ru graud 7
er eagrd 7

Words with an extra letter

You can build the following words with an extra letter
Extra Letters Word Scrabble® Points
e aged 6
o dago 6
s dags 6
n dang 6
r drag 6
e egad 6
i gadi 6
s gads 6
e gaed 6
u gaud 6
l glad 6
o goad 6
r grad 6

4 words found for letters 'ADG'

3 letter words

Anagrams of the word gad, words consist of 'ADG'
Word Scrabble® Points Word with Friends® Points
dag 5 6
gad 5 6

2 letter words

Words that can be created using 2 letters from the word 'gad'
Word Scrabble® Points Word with Friends® Points
ad 3 3
ag 3 4

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