Definition of word 'lug'

  • n. ancient Celtic god
  • n. a sail with four corners that is hoisted from a yard that is oblique to the mast
  • n. a projecting piece that is used to lift or support or turn something
  • n. marine worms having a row of tufted gills along each side of the back
  • v. carry with difficulty
  • v. obstruct

Synonyms of the word 'lug'

Antonyms of the word 'lug'

Words with two extra letters in addition to the word 'lug'

List of words that you can form using two extra letters in addition to letters from the word 'lug'
Extra Letters Word Scrabble® Points
aj augjl 13
fy gulfy 12
by bulgy 11
ch gulch 11
py gulpy 11
ek elugk 10
ek eugkl 10
fn flung 9
af augfl 9
ef euglf 9
ho ghoul 9
ey gluey 9
fs gulfs 9
ly gulyy 9
ah laugh 9
ho lhugo 9
ov oulgv 9
am algum 8
am almug 8
be bugle 8
be bulge 8
cn clung 8
em gluem 8
ps gulps 8
mo mogul 8
ps plugs 8
de glude 7
gs gluss 7
di gudli 7
ag aulgg 7
de lugde 7
at gault 6
ot glout 6
er gluer 6
es glues 6
no gluno 6
st glust 6
er geurl 6
ei gueli 6
it guilt 6
ar gular 6
es gules 6
ls gulss 6
is iglus 6
er luger 6
es luges 6
en luegn 6
in luign 6
ns lungs 6
ar augrl 6
ss slugs 6
ns nlusg 6

Words with an extra letter

You can build the following words with an extra letter
Extra Letters Word Scrabble® Points
f gulf 8
y ugly 8
m glum 7
p gulp 7
p plug 7
g glug 6
e glue 5
t glut 5
l gull 5
s guls 5
i iglu 5
e luge 5
s lugs 5
n lung 5
s slug 5

2 words found for letters 'GLU'

3 letter words

Anagrams of the word lug, words consist of 'GLU'
Word Scrabble® Points Word with Friends® Points
gul 4 7
lug 4 7

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