Definition of word 'pry'

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  • n. a soft yellowish-white trivalent metallic element of the rare earth group
  • n. a self-governing commonwealth associated with the United States occupying the island of Puerto Rico
  • n. a promotion intended to create goodwill for a person or institution

Synonyms of the word 'pr'

  • praseodymium
  • Pr
  • atomic number 59
  • Puerto Rico
  • Porto Rico
  • Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
  • PR
  • public relations
  • PR

Words with two extra letters in addition to the word 'pry'

List of words that you can form using two extra letters in addition to letters from the word 'pry'
Extra Letters Word Scrabble® Points
ex prexy 17
ox proxy 17
ek perky 14
ko pkroy 14
ah ahrpy 13
eh eyphr 13
iv privy 13
ce crepy 12
ct crypt 12
ci prciy 12
ci pyrci 12
ag argpy 11
gi gripy 11
ad pardy 11
de pdrey 11
go pgroy 11
du dpury 11
ae apery 10
ar parry 10
at party 10
ae payer 10
ao payor 10
ee peery 10
er perry 10
el peylr 10
no pnroy 10
as prays 10
es preys 10
os prosy 10
er peyrr 10
su psruy 10
an pyran 10
es pyres 10
as raspy 10
ae rapey 10
el reply 10
eo repoy 10
ou roupy 10
is ipsry 10
as aprsy 10
su syrup 10

Words with an extra letter

You can build the following words with an extra letter
Extra Letters Word Scrabble® Points
a pray 9
e prey 9
e pyre 9
o ropy 9
s spry 9

1 words found for letters 'PRY'

3 letter words

Anagrams of the word pry, words consist of 'PRY'
Word Scrabble® Points Word with Friends® Points
pry 8 8

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