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castigate v. to criticize severely; to chastise 호되게 비난하다 - categorical adj. unconditional; absolute 무조건적인; 절대적인
day 06 - coerce v. to force 강요하다
congenital adj. existing at or before birth; innate 타고난, 선천적인 - congregate v. to bring or come together in a group 모이다; 소집하다
day 07 - conspire v. to plan or plot secretly 공모하다
day 08 - debacle n. great disaster; complete failure 재해; 대실패
debunk v. to expose the nonsense of (거짓을) 폭로하다 - decadent adj. decaying or decayed 쇠퇴하는; 퇴폐적인
detract v. to take away; to speak ill of (가치, 명성) 손상하다 - detrimental adj. causing damage or harm 해로운
day 09 - didactic adj. intended to teach 교훈적인; 가르치는
distort v. to misshape; misrepresent 왜곡시키다 - divergent adj. going in different directions 분기하는; 불일치의
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