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day 10 - elaborate to express in great detail 자세히 말하다
eminent adj. better than anyone else; important 저명한, 탁월한 - emulate v. to strive to equal through imitation 맞먹다; 필적하다
day 11 - evasive adj. avoiding cleverly 회피하는; 모호한
facile adj. fluent; easy 솜씨 좋은, 능란한; 손쉬운 - falter v. to hesitate or waver in action 비틀거리다; 주저하다
day 12 - felicity n. great happiness 행복
foible n. a minor character flaw 사소한 결점 - foment v. to stir up; to promote the growth of 선동하다; 조장하다
day 13 - glut v. to eat or indulge excessively 실컷 먹다; 과식하다
grandiose adj. grand in an impressive way 웅장한; 젠체하는 - gratifying adj. pleasing; satisfying 만족을 주는, 유쾌한
homily n. a sermon 설교; 훈계 - homogenous adj. uniform; made entirely of one thing 동종의, 동질의
day 14 - iconoclast n. one who attacks popular beliefs 성상 파괴자; 인습 타파주의자
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