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ostensible adj. represented or appearing as such 표면상의; 명백한 - ostentatious adj. showing off 화려한; 허세부리는
penitent adj. feeling or expressing regret 참회, 회개하는 - pensive adj. thoughtful and sad 수심에 잠긴; 구슬픈
day 19 - perspicuous adj. clearly expressed or presented 명쾌한, 명확한
placid adj. calm or quiet; satisfied 차분한; 만족한 - plaintive adj. expressing sadness or sorrow 구슬픈, 애처로운
day 20 - profligate adj. extravagant; wildly immoral 낭비하는; 방탕한
proselytize v. to convert to a religion 개종하다; 개종시키다 - protract v. to draw out or lengthen in time 연장하다, 연기하다
reciprocal adj. mutual; shared; interchangeable 상호간의 - reclusive adj. withdrawn from society 은둔하는; 속세를 떠난
day 21 - redolent adj. fragrant 향기로운
restive adj. uneasily impatient 반항적인, 고집센 - resurge v. to rise again 소생, 부활하다
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