Sentence example with the word 'intangible'


aerial, corpuscular, elusive, germinal, imprecise, insensible, nonphysical, rare, tenuous, unearthly, unseeable, weightless

Definition adj. (of especially business assets) not having physical substance or intrinsic productive value

Last update: July 19, 2015


However, this is not straight forward as their subject matter - the human mind - is so intangible and elusive.   [adjective]


Theres something in the air, something intangible, a trend, a feeling.   [adjective]


But what will happen when we give it up and trust ourselves to something invisible and intangible, and altogether unknown.   [adjective]


"But how are we to cast off the visible tangible protection of an armed policeman, and trust to something so intangible as public opinion."   [adjective]


All was destroyed, except something intangible yet powerful and indestructible.   [adjective]


The enemy ceased firing, and that stern, threatening, inaccessible, and intangible line which separates two hostile armies was all the more clearly felt.   [adjective]


They were troubled and feverish hours, disturbed with dreams that were intangible, that eluded her, leaving only an impression upon her half-awakened senses of something unattainable.   [adjective]

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