Sentence example with the word 'jamboree'


banquet, carouse, do, festival, fete, frolic, gala day, great doings, kermis, revelry, waygoose

Definition n. a gay festivity

Last update: October 8, 2016


There was a jamboree of people from all walks of life in the stadium.   [adjective]


Susan and I had planned such a nice little jamboree for your last night here.   [Please select]


Why, there was never a jamboree complete without you and your violin at the head of the table.   [Please select]


This cullud pusson will spend two months' wages to "report" at a grand junction "jamboree" of his "lodge."   [Please select]


"I reckon there ain't been such a jamboree in town for years."   [Please select]


I'm going to hang around until some sort of a family jamboree is over, at one o'clock--your mother insists that we have dinner--and then I'll go out to the rawnch.'   [Please select]


Those Yaquis may just be off on a little harmless jamboree, or they may be excited by a lot of their Medicine Men, or whatever they call 'em.'   [Please select]

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