Sentence example with the word 'lockout'


arrest, boycott, dead stop, end, full stop, job action, prohibition, rulebook slowdown, stand, strike, wildcat strike

Definition n. a management action resisting employee's demands

Last update: July 20, 2015


The employees have declared a lockout as the last resort.   [Please select]


The chief of the bureau of labour statistics is directed in case of danger of a strike or lockout to seek to mediate between the parties and if unsuccessful in that, then to endeavour to secure their consent to the formation of a board of arbitration.   [Please select]


In England itself there was a summer fever of strikes; Liverpool was choked by a dockers' strike, the East Anglian agricultural labourers were in revolt, and the building trade throughout the country was on the verge of a lockout.   [Please select]

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