Sentence example with the word 'undesirability'


Definition n. the quality possessed by something that should be avoided

Last update: January 12, 2017


To be pretty when you are a married woman is only an undesirability.   [Please select]


The discussion on the question of the " opendoor " in connexion with the Morocco difficulty was useful in calling general public attention once more to the undesirability of allowing any single power to exclude other nations from trading on territory over which it may be called to exercise a protectorate, especially if equality of treatment of foreign trade had been practised by the authority ruling over the territory in question before its practical annexation under the name of protectorate.   [Please select]


Very early she found that stories told to frighten her were untrue, and what was said about the undesirability of certain children as playmates proved false when she came to know them.   [Please select]


One of them, indeed, had already learned a lesson that would last him for the rest of his life, regarding the habits, customs, and general undesirability of the bull-dog ant as play-mate or prey.   [Please select]

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