Sentence example with the word 'yearling'


aurochs, beef, bovine, calf, dairy cattle, incubator baby, little darling, milk cow, neat, papoose, steer, weanling

Definition n. a young child

Last update: November 2, 2015


I enjoy the race of yearlings.   [Please select]


Yearling sets are largely planted, but the experiments of Krabe tend to prove, and the practice of the best Midland and West of England growers confirms, the superior productiveness of sets cut from two yearling rods.   [Please select]


By autumn the youngster was so big and sleek that he might almost have passed for a yearling.   [Please select]


Charles Budd had 8 yearling calves and 4 colts killed in his pasture by wolves within six weeks.   [Please select]


On June 2, 1961, I attempted to determine the ratio of these yearling kites to others in the population at the Park.   [Please select]


Just ahead a yearling black-tail buck leaped into view and cantered away.   [Please select]


Dick succeeded in killing the yearling, though it took two shots from his Winchester.   [Please select]

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