Definition of word 'play'

  • n. a dramatic work intended for performance by actors on a stage
  • n. a theatrical performance of a drama
  • n. a preset plan of action in team sports
  • n. a deliberate coordinated movement requiring dexterity and skill
  • n. a state in which action is feasible
  • n. utilization or exercise
  • n. an attempt to get something
  • n. activity by children that is guided more by imagination than by fixed rules
  • n. (in games or plays or other performances) the time during which play proceeds
  • n. the removal of constraints
  • n. a weak and tremulous light
  • n. verbal wit or mockery
  • n. movement or space for movement
  • n. gay or light-hearted recreational activity for diversion or amusement
  • n. (game) the activity of doing something in an agreed succession
  • n. the act of playing for stakes in the hope of winning
  • n. the act using a sword
  • v. participate in games or sport
  • v. act or have an effect in a specified way or with a specific effect or outcome
  • v. play on an instrument
  • v. play a role or part
  • v. be at play
  • v. replay
  • v. perform music on
  • v. pretend to have certain qualities or state of mind
  • v. move or seem to move quickly
  • v. bet or wager
  • v. engage in recreational activities rather than work
  • v. pretend to be somebody in the framework of a game or playful activity
  • v. emit recorded sound
  • v. perform on a certain location
  • v. put
  • v. engage in an activity as if it were a game rather than take it seriously
  • v. behave in a certain way
  • v. cause to emit recorded audio or video
  • v. manipulate manually or in one's mind or imagination
  • v. use to one's advantage
  • v. consider not very seriously
  • v. be received or accepted or interpreted in a specific way
  • v. behave carelessly or indifferently
  • v. cause to move or operate freely within a bounded space
  • v. perform on a stage or theater
  • v. be performed or presented for public viewing
  • v. cause to happen or to occur as a consequence
  • v. discharge or direct or be discharged or directed as if in a continuous stream
  • v. make bets
  • v. stake on the outcome of an issue
  • v. shoot or hit in a particular manner
  • v. use or move
  • v. employ in a game or in a specific position
  • v. contend against an opponent in a sport
  • v. exhaust by allowing to pull on the line

Synonyms of the word 'play'

Antonyms of the word 'play'

Words with two extra letters in addition to the word 'play'

List of words that you can form using two extra letters in addition to letters from the word 'play'
Extra Letters Word Scrabble® Points
jo jalopy 18
hh hyphal 17
ck packly 17
by byplay 16
fp flappy 16
hl ahplyl 14
dm damply 14
eh peylah 14
hr phylar 14
hs plahsy 14
gu plaguy 12
de playde 12
su layspu 11
el paelly 11
rt palrty 11
ar parlay 11
er paelry 11
rt partly 11
ao payola 11
er pearly 11
st plasyt 11
as playss 11
er player 11
ls plysla 11
or pyorla 11
rt raptly 11
er erplay 11
ss splays 11

Words with an extra letter

You can build the following words with an extra letter
Extra Letters Word Scrabble® Points
h haply 13
h phyla 13
m amply 12
p apply 12
m palmy 12
t aptly 10
u layup 10
l pally 10
s palsy 10
t patly 10
t platy 10
a playa 10
s plays 10
s splay 10
t typal 10

15 words found for letters 'ALPY'

4 letter words

Anagrams of the word play, words consist of 'ALPY'
Word Scrabble® Points Word with Friends® Points
paly 9 10
play 9 10

3 letter words

Words that can be created using 3 letters from the word 'play'
Word Scrabble® Points Word with Friends® Points
pay 8 8
pya 8 8
yap 8 8
ply 8 9
lay 6 6
alp 5 7
lap 5 7
pal 5 7

2 letter words

Words that can be created using 2 letters from the word 'play'
Word Scrabble® Points Word with Friends® Points
ay 5 4
ya 5 4
pa 4 5
al 2 3
la 2 3

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