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abash v. to make ashamed; to embarrass 부끄럽게 하다 - abate v. to subside; to reduce 줄이다; 약해지다
adamant adj. stubborn; unyielding; inflexible 고집 센 - adherent n. follower; supporter 추종자; 지지자
day 02 - affable adj. easy to talk to; friendly 붙임성 있는; 상냥한
allude v. to make an indirect reference 암시하다 - aloof adj. uninvolved; keeping one’s distance 쌀쌀한; 무관심한
day 03 - antagonize v. to incur the dislike of 적개심을 일으키다
apocalypse n. a prophetic revelation 계시; 종말 - apocryphal adj. of dubious authenticity; fictitious 출처가 의심스러운
audacity n. boldness; reckless daring 대담; 뻔뻔함 - augment v. to make bigger; to increase 증가시키다
day 04 - auspicious adj. favorable; promising 길조의; 예감 좋은
blasphemy n. an insult to something held holy 신성 모독 - blatant adj. unpleasantly or offensively noisy 뻔뻔스러운; 뻔한
day 05 - burgeon v. to expand; to flourish 싹트다; 발전하다
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