Sentence example with the word 'conciliate'


allay, appease, calm, cool, defuse, dulcify, lay, lay the dust, mollify, pacify, placate, pour balm on, propitiate, smooth, smooth down, smooth over, soothe, tranquilize

Last update: May 5, 2016


Those changes have been made in an attempt to conciliate the raged people.   [Please select]


He attempted to conciliate her.   [verb]


The mediation process aims to conciliate rather than to investigate complaints.   [verb]


Equity is particularly concerned at the recommendation to remove the ability of ACAS to conciliate in cases.   [verb]


It is useless to attempt to conciliate you: I see I have made an eternal enemy of you.   [verb]


He made desperate efforts to conciliate the population, and succeeded with a few of the nobles, who were led to believe in the possibility of an Italian confederation, including Lombardy and Venetia which would be united to Austria by a personal union alone; but the immense majority of all classes rejected these advances, and came to regard union with Piedmont with increasing favor.   [Please select]


Had he conciliated Mirabeau, who led the Assembly, then even the throne might have been saved.   [Please select]


It is Russia she is most anxious to conciliate.   [Please select]


She had no desire to give offence to Bunny who was not always easy to conciliate.   [Please select]


To encourage him, and to conciliate the hostile punt, I threw down a hundred-franc note.   [Please select]


Bacon found in after years that Southampton was not so easily conciliated.   [Please select]

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